4 Ways to Utilize Technology in Your Small Business

4 Ways to Utilize Technology in Your Small Business
As a small business owner, technology enthusiast, and project manager I can sometimes get bombarded with the large amount of technology available on the market today. When you stop for a moment to consider how far technology has come over the last ten years, and also how affordable it has become over the last five, it really is hard to consider what you should or should not be investing in as a small business. There are, however, a number of ways you can utilize technology in your small business very easily. Here are my top four.
1) Always consider what you need, not what you want. It’s amazing the number of small business owners I meet that have full on servers, cloud based software and the latest tablets with portable technology attached. You need to focus on where your business is as an entity, it’s easy to get carried away. If you only have three employees ask yourself if a server is really a necessary option or perhaps use that money better in some great terminals with cloud exchanges.
2) Look at what your competitors are doing. If they have been around longer then you, chances are they are doing everything right, not just in the business sense. Never focus on what technology they deploy, focus on what they DON’T deploy. If your competitor doesn’t utilize it. As yourself do you really need utilize it.
3) Step back, look at what you are trying to achieve. If you’re a lawyer, you need legal software such as a database. It’s a fact. If you’re in a specific market, focus on the software and tools to utilize that software that will make your job easier. If something is a must have, put that to the top of the tree and the top of the budget, this should be your key utilization.
4) Always take the cheapest option. There is a real stick about being “cheap”. Ignore that, when it comes to utilizing technology there is always a cheap option. More important that cheap option is often great, especially if it’s free.

Apply These 3 Secret Techniques To Improve Home Entertainment

The next frontier that you should master is your living room – your home entertainment center has the ability to provide you with an experience that rivals a movie theater. Here are three secret techniques to improve your home entertainment experience beyond anything that you have ever heard of.

– First of all, invest in four dimensional sound technology.

Beyond surroundsound is 4D sound. The new innovation that is now being heralded as the next huge breakthrough in audiovisual technology is available to the general public. If you are looking to impress your friends or just have a next level entertainment experience for yourself and your family, 4D sound is the way to go.

Four dimensional sound is even more multidirectional than surroundsound, using the very architecture of your house to immerse you even more deeply into the audiovisual experience that you are having. It is a technology that can acclimate itself to your needs automatically. This is the future of sound.

– Second, forget the big flat screen TV – invest in a projector screen.

Unbeknownst to many people, projector technology has long been outpacing flatscreen technology. As a matter of fact, the new 4K televisions that are coming out incorporate many of the features that projector technology has been using for years. If you are looking for a technology that you will not have to constantly upgrade, then take the leap into a full projector screen instead of dealing with the always in flux industry of big-screen TVs.

If you have high-speed internet from Waterford, CT Frontier, you can hook up your computer and stream using your new projector.

– Third, increase the feng shui in your living room to accommodate the technology that you are incorporating.

You can give yourself a movie theater experience if you just move your furniture around a bit. Centralize your favorite reclining area so that can take in all of the audiovisual experience at once. Create an environment of social togetherness by pointing all the furniture at each other. Leave enough space for people to have their personal spots, but create a sense of camaraderie through the direction of your furniture.

Finding Information on the Internet

Finding Information on the Internet
Finding information on the internet has become the new norm. Gone are the days of researching looking for information in a book or library. Although I hate to admit it, researching is much easier online then it has ever been in a library. There are a few key things you have to remember when searching on the internet. The first is where. Where are you trying to find the information. Consider this, a professional will always use a database over a generic search. Websites which offer you a search function are a generic search engine. They will show results basically, based on who has paid them the most money. This means if you were to search something for the purposes of research, chances are the top three results would be trying to sell you something. If you think i’m wrong. type in “Car accident” into any search engine, look at how much is being sold you you. A database provided by a third party, often costs money. However, if you are using it for a specific need such as college research, you will find these are worth the money. Normally, college and professional institutions will include database memberships as part of their fees, so it doesn’t actually cost you anything. Secondly, you need to consider what you are searching. a syntax is the most important thing when you are searching via database or generic web search. Your syntax is the words you type when conducting a search. Remember, it’s not like asking someone a question. How much is that dog should always become cost of a dog. Search features are geared toward the most basic components and “hit” each word differently. Of course, a database will let you narrow down your search where as a generic online search will not. Keep these two things in mind when finding information on the internet and you will see your results improve.